If you're a reader of Sex and don't know who Maggie Lee is we're a little bit confused. Maggie has been down with Sex since day one, contributing to fashion stories, interviews, portraits, as well as constantly sending in videos, photos, poems and descriptions of her dreams for our blog. She's easily one of the most prolific, hard working and cool creative people living in New York today, so we decided to interview her in her favorite format: The questionnaire.
What’s your middle name?
…my birth certificate, SS, and state ID all have different middle names. my dad's eyes are closed on his state i-D.
How old are you?
How tall are you?
5 ft.
What sign are you?
Leo, moon in Pieces
Where do you live?
123 Lil' Puddin' Road, NYC, USA, come over!
Where were your parents jobs? 
Howard Johnsons, Lord and Taylor, Pings Restaurant, Mings Restaurant, Far East Magic & Acrobatics.
What was your favorite TV show growing up?
Eerie Indiana, Round the Twist, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Aeon Flux, MTV Subterranean, Liquid Television
What was your favorite toy?
I have this peach toy that looks like a peach but its cement, you can put it in a fruit basket with real fruit. It becomes a game when people want to eat it, because it's not real, its a toy... peach game.
What was the first record you bought?
Did you ever go to camp?
I went to camp at Pratt Institute when I was 15 and went to a bar and someone bought my friend a beer and i had some of it. It was at this place called The Gardens. That building collapsed though. I still don't know how I got in...
Were you a rebellious teen?
SmaSh the staTe and then take a nap
Did you get good grades?
They were OK- I would usually stay up until 4am and then would be so sleepy at school. i think punks somehow found their own hidden cirriculum, IDK, i didn't like high school.
Were you popular in high school?
I think I was popular until one time I got my face painted at a town fair and no one talked to me after that. And then my face was tan except the part with the face paint so at school I had a decorative tan on my face. IDK. I looked 10 when everyone was 14. A blessing in disguise.
What was your favorite class?
Free period, because I would sleep on a cot in the nurses office. One time there was someone else sleeping on a cot and he got up and laid on top of me and pretended he was cumming. it was demented.
What class did you hate?
Who did you hang out with?
People from a message board
Who was your first crush?
Sho, he had a mushroom haircut
Who was your first kiss?
Jonathan, XOXO. He was my insane crush from 1st grade to 8th grade. He was a bad boy. On April 23rd, 1999, we kissed on a dare like it was nothing. His mother was in the room, we did it when she wasn't looking.
Who was your first Boyfriend?
Sean, a real hottie at the time. It was 7th-8th grade. It took a year of dating to actually make out, and it tasted like swedish fish. We kissed on the balcony of a hotel on a band/ orchestra field trip to virginia.
Were you on makeoutclub?
uh x huh
Did you have subscriptions to any magazines?
Elementary school, it was Readers Digest, not my choice. In 5th grade to middle school it was Seventeen + YM!! In high school I worked at a mailbox copy center and there was this guy that would give me all his Vice Magazines for years.
What was your first website?
M14Sm4sH on Geocities
Can you name some other websites you’ve made?
M14Sm4sH was MS Paint art and reviews, I had another one on gURL.com and it was DIY stuff.
Did your website get hacked once?
Crash and Burn
What’s your favorite movie?
Do you have a style icon?
Lung Leg, Rose McGowan, the cast and crew of Charmed, when Beck is interviewed by Thurston Moore, Alicia Bay Laurel...
Whats the most expensive thing you spend money on?
Feelings, art and technology
What’s the cheapest thing you spend money on?
Give a penny get a penny
What’s your favorite candy?
Peachass marzipan fruit
Have you ever shoplifted?
If I have to, F*k th3 5ySt3M
As a leo do you identify with lions? 
Not really
What’s your spirit animal?
What’s your dream date?
Something… on a hill rolling in the grass making out in a garden. an apocalyptic scene where leaves, flowers, and rain are falling on us and maybe if there was a DJ and the bass was really loud and you could feel the ground shaking that would be sick… wearing eckhaus latta, COMME des GARÇONS something
Who is your #1 crush?
I can't say or it won't happen ;-D
What’s your favorite band t-shirt you own?
Silk Flowers
What was your first zine?
No Parents Allowed
Can you name all your other zines?
too embarrassing
Where do you get your groceries?
Mr. KiWi + Mr. CoCo
Where do you shop for clothes?
My sister's closet
Do you see a hairstylist?
Yoko at Salon Shizen
How much time do you spend a day in front of a computer?
carpal tunnel
What’s your favorite way to procastinate?
Listen to some music, dance in front of mirror, and clean room
Do you exercise?
I have two groupons, one for gyrotonics and the other for pole dancing
Who’s your favorite celebrity you ever met?
Jeanette Hayes, OMG.
How many cameras do you own?
Blackberry tootsie pop, photobooth, rangefinder, point and shoot, SLR
Who is your favorite skateboarder?
Jerry Hsu
Name a guilty pleasure?
Who’s the coolest band you ever saw live? 
Rorschach, GBX 
Do you write down your dreams?
only when i wear a nicotine patch before bed
Do you keep a diary? 
http://teenopendiary.com/formyeyesonly ;-D
Who is your hero?
fire erowid, earth erowid
Do you ever meditate? 
to you and for me, . made from the best stuff on earth for your mind body and soul
What’s your favorite food?
Cafe gratitude
What’s your favorite color?
Warm orange / salmon/ rust color
Do you like New Jersey?
I like it more now that I don't live there, it's nice to go back. yesterday, i hung out with my uncles. my one uncle made me a spicy tuna hand roll and a green tea on the side and then i went back into the kitchen and my other uncle healed me with gua sha.
How old were you when you saw Kids?
13, on my DELL computer with a sweaty hand on the "minimize" button incase my mom saw.
If you had a boy what would you name it?
Tripp, Crispin, Valentino, Balthazar… ugh I can't think about this right now, stressing me out LOL
If you had a girl what would you name it?
Felicia, Naomi, Mercedes, Prue, Ivy, Seven...
Have you ever had any nicknames?
Magic! That was supposed to be my real name but 
Do you have a motto?
go with the flow
Do you like dogs or cats?
yes and yes, omg, Hachikō, i want to cry.
Whats a good pet name?
Seggaaaa, but when they're bad, it's ......SEGA!
Can you ollie?
Yah, it's like, 1st you just pretend there's a bug on the tail and then you squish it and then with your other foot you flick it off and try to get all the goo off your board, while jumping. 
Do you believe in Girl Power?
Do you believe in God?
"In God we bust" - Lizzi Bougatsos
Do you believe in Magic?
Magic is like meditation 
Do you believe in ghosts?
I'm scared.
Do you like kids?
Yeah! I like when kids make up games that are like inside jokes, so funny.
Have you ever played sports?
field hockey, rugby
Are you good at any video games?
twisted metal black
What swear word do you use the most often? 
What’s your favorite swear word? 
bootyhole, lol, why are u asking me this?? ;-p
What’s a turn on? 
Bad boys
What’s a turn off?
Bad attitude
Do you read comics?
Dame Darcy + Julian Ceccaldi, I'm gonna cry!
Have you ever been arrested?
I had to go to jail one time when I was a baby. I ate mellon candy and watched Beavis and Butthead next to a security screen of the woman who was "babysitting me", sitting in a jail cell, wearing tevas. She left me alone on the beach, and then left me alone at night near the boardwalk and the special effects lights really freaked me out. She bought $100 dollars worth of tie dye clothes for me and her house was wood paneled with cloth hanging on top of a lamp. The cops found us because she was driving drunk with a stolen car and money and my mom had to come 3 hours away to pick me up at jail.
Have you ever crowd surfed?
warped tour @ randalls island, 2001
What kind of art do you like? 
i like STOMP, the musical, you know, stuff like that
What’s the cutest thing on youtube?
"Dad makes fun of his son for looking like Marilyn Manson", just watch it cause the son is a cutie and then he gets so much fan mail that Ricki invites him back to the show so he can go out to dinner with 2 admirers in NYC or super milk intro theme song
What makes you mad?
injustice, war, hardship, pushy people, fox news
What’s the hardest thing about living in NY?
sometimes its hard to be free and have time to yourself to enjoy life.
What’s the best thing about living in NY?
The fall is the best. Everything is so crispy. I love the cold air and the leaves and autumn colors. Listen to Aphex Twin and go for a walk. Everything smells better too. I love friends. i love to party with a good sound system. i love checking things out, working, working in the studio, independence, everything!!! The fall is the most beautiful.
What’s your favorite drug?
Do you like scary movies?
Only if someone will watch them with me, I like Argento
Do you ever feel emo?
I have this babydoll toy, I've had her forever. Shes black and has freckles and has a pouting face. When I look at her I get emo. She makes me think of culture, history, being a baby, the person who made it, the doll factory, other people who have the same doll toy, everything.
Do strangers ever message you? Are they ever cool?
It use to be teenage zine ppl, then art students, blog readers, psychonauts, then when i worked in a t-shirt store, it was like sneakerheads, and now its just random. the other day a student from my high school emailed me about making a poem for his zine, so sweet.
Why do you keep deleting your facebook profile?
i wouldn't reply to people's messages but then i would post a good utube and then some ppl got mad at me for not replying or thought i had free time but was ignoring them and then i hated the idea of Facebook but now i'm back on it.
What’s your favorite flower?
Icelandic poppy
What’s craziest thing you’ve ever filmed?
girls gone wild. maybe a man on the bridge trying to jump? it freaked me out. he didn't jump.
Did you ever do graffiti? Did you have a tag? Acts of vandalism?
Sometimes i'll collect all my negative thoughts and put it in a crystal and then throw it at someone's window. someone who is a bad person obviously. i think thats feng shui..
Lucky Number?
Have you ever played music or been in a band?
in high school, a hardcore/ thrash band
What’s your favorite Nirvana song? 
Lithium because my other babysitter use to sing it to me, so soothing.
Are you a packrat?
Trying to be minimal
Are you a neat freak?
On a leash
Did you name your computer?
What do you look for in a boyfriend?
They have to be cute, a freak, good style, and good at something cool and make me feel crazy. Ideal bf would make me want to cry and make out and want to do everything, xoxo til infinity.
What’s a good karaoke Song?
NIN Closer
Can you write a Haiku?
Thank you Asher Penn
For asking me question
I have to go, BYE!