Last week I heard Grimes music in a fancy coffee shop on Lafayette Street. It sounded great. Sometimes I mistake her music for other peoples, and vice versa. This happened with Air France, Gus Gus, and something else. Elliot Smith? Rhianna? Before I interviewed Grimes, I went to an art show she had curated at an art gallery in New York. There were these cool watercolors that reminded me of 90's paintings of pixies: pictures of fairies? The girls weren't pixies or fairies, they were from real life, their eyes were black and they were crazy. I wondered if they were from Montreal. I remember one of the girls in the paintings had bangs and I wondered if it was of Grimes. Have you seen that video of Grimes where she is running around a stadium at some motorbike show? Her hair is pink with bangs and she has this cool gold and black hoodie skeleton gloves and these huge headphones on? She looks so good in it, and it's really fun watching her run around and have a good time. I think I have watched that video 20 times now. 
What sign are you?
Do you believe in astrology?
Do you read any particular horoscopes?
Just the ones my dad sends me
Do you do your own hair?
How many colors have you dyed your hair?
All colors
Do you believe in "2012"?
Sure, maybe, I’ll see when it happens
Do you meditate?
No, boring
Do you do yoga?
I stretch in a non-spiritual way
Are you a spiritual person?
Do you have a spirit animal?
Hyena and beluga
Who is your favorite rapper?
Left Eye
Do you know how to snowboard?
I’ve snowboarded once, it worked
Do you know how to surf?
What stresses you out?
Airplanes, interviews
Do you think Nardwuar is actually funny?
Do you think Hipster Runoff is funny?
Ya, except when it’s about me, haha
Is Skrillex cool?
Very cool
Do you see a therapist?
Haha, never
What's your favorite book?
Lord of the Rings, Dune
Who is your favorite artist?
Heironymous Bosch
What is your favorite movie?
The 5th Element, Antichrist, Enter The Void, True Romance, Kill Bill... etc. 
What's your favorite music video?
TLC - No Scrubs, maybe?
What's your favorite song?
Prince – When Doves Cry
What is your favorite flower?
A black rose
Who is your favorite comedian?
Everyone who writes for The Simpsons... Larry David?
Do you have a smartphone?
Hell no
When are you happiest?
When I’m working on music
Do you read reviews on Pitchfork?
Occasionally, yes
Do you play video games?
Ya, not so much many more
What do you use to download music?
Hmmm I just ask people to send me their music usually.  Mediafire?
Do you ever steal things?
Not anymore, I don’t want to lose my U.S. visa
Have you ever been with a girl?
Have you ever been to an orgy?
These are explicit questions haha
Do you think young people today are sexually repressed?
Do guys try to pick you up on Facebook?
I don’t use Facebook
Are you an optimist?
Are you the kind of person to "pack a lunch"?
Not usually
Do you like Sonic Youth?
Did the rain in Vancouver ever get you depressed?
I like the rain in Vancouver – it’s beautiful
Have you ever dated a skateboarder?
Haha, ya
When do you tweet?
When I’m able to
Do you think people "get you"?
Have you ever shaved your head?
Do you ever wear wigs?
Do you consider yourself to be political?
Do you vote?
Do you believe in revolution?
Did you go to Occupy Wall St?
Have you ever participated in a riot?
Do you ever crowd surf at your shows?
No, but I should
Do you like kids?
I respect them
Did you ever have braces?
Do you have a "style icon"?
Marilyn Manson
Do you like horror movies?
Do you take vacations?
Are you a fast walker?
Are you a fast talker?
Do you drink coffee?
Have you ever considered acting?
When I was a kid
Did you make rings with vaginas on them?
My friend Morgan Black did
Are you rich?
Hopefully soon
Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you believe in an afterlife?
Are Canadian cops nicer than American ones?
NO fuck them all 
Do you have an iPad?
What magazines have you had a subscription to?
None, but I used to have National Geographic
What kind of deodorant do you use?
Don’t wear deodorant
Do you have a favorite soap?
Don’t use soap
How many hours do you usually sleep a day?
4 - 7
Have you ever destroyed a hotel room?
No. Well I hope not
Do you like Drake?
What was the last movie you saw?
The Human Centipede
What is the perfect date?
Anything that impresses me
What bores you?
What is your biggest fear?
Do you like disco?
Do you write in a diary?
Do you keep a sketchbook?
Do you have a Tumblr?
I try too, but I think I’m over it
Have you ever been a vegan?
Ya, for like 6 years!
Do you ever get paranoid?
Do you own a vibrator?
No, but I should
How do you like your eggs?
Hate eggs! Unless hardboiled with sriracha
Are you a "Montreal bagel" snob?
No, I can't eat bagels
Are you allergic to any foods?
Lots, I can basically only eat vegetables and protein.  Although I loooove yoghurt, it makes me really sick, but I eat it all the time
Do you ever gamble?
Yes!!! God yes
Is SXSW actually fun?
Ya, if you can approach it in the right way
Have you ever had a pet?
Ya. A pug. RIP
What was its name?
If you got a new pet what would you name it?
What's your favorite song to do on karaoke?
Dead Wrong - Notorious B.I.G.
What do you think of e-cigarettes?
I don't know what they are.