You were born in Argentina, but your family lives in Spain. How and when did you move?
Is this necessary? Don’t you know everything about me already? You could be writing a novel by now. Anyway, yes, I was born there but only my parents and I left to Spain. Oh, and my uncle, the one who died. Everyone else is still there; all those aunties, cousins, uncles. But I don’t really have much contact; to be honest, I only feel resentment towards most of them.
What was your childhood like?
Lonely, frustrating.
When did you first start going online?
First time online 8yrs old. First time really online, 12yrs old.
Dumb question, but what's internet like in Spain? How has it changed in the last decade?
It has changed a lot. First, being online meant something very specific: that you were part of a subculture. I guess because only really weird people would try desperately to find peers with same interests. “Normal” people were fine with their healthy and fulfilled IRL life.
How did you get interested in art?
First was the selfie, then the art. I wanted to be something serious but this came in the way and my parents couldn’t say no because they’re indie and they are not entitled to complain about things like that.
Why did you decide to go to St. Martins?
It was the first Google result for “Art School London”. I desperately needed to leave Spain; my psychologist had recommended me to leave the country. Not joking.
Did you experience culture shock in London?
Totally. Before, I thought everything was fine, I was very proud of myself and no insecure at all. I got to London and I had to deal with two things, first, that (after all the effort) neither the school or the classmates fulfilled my expectations, second, that I was poor and had no family support whatsoever (something I was never conscious of before). Also, I was a Spaniard with a thing for brit culture (yeah, lame, sorry). I thought pale skin was cool. Then I realised it was all a for-export strategy, I felt betrayed, lied to. I really thought that Primal Scream and The Prodigy were cool.
What kind of art did you make in college?
I went there doing analogue photography, which was very similar to my IOS Photos album today. Then I went through a depression. A girl classic. I isolated myself, ate cake, cut my hair really short, like a boy, dyed it black and cried for 3 days. Didn’t want to leave my bed, was in love with an English guy, wrote him lots of love letters. After recovering from 1 year of being the lowest of the lowest, I started making art again. My friend Carlos Carbonell from Internet2 had introduced me to Internet Art a few years before and I was really enthusiastic about Cory Arcangel, animated gifs and all that. I also became a very good student and because I didn’t have a boyfriend I read a lot and went to the gym as much.
At what point did you have the confidence to say that you were an artist?
People had been calling me artist for long before I even wanted to admit it myself. Was so shy about it…. So for a while I would consider myself as someone who did “things” but was too insecure to say anything. My dad always told everyone I was an Impressionist (?). A decisive moment was to see some documents of my ex’s mom, who is a painter. In every document, in the field occupation, it would say, without hesitation: ARTIST. I loved it.
Since graduating college two years ago, what has been your experience as an artist?
Messy, desperate and stressful at the beginning. Almost married a male artist. Now karma is working and all the hard-work is being rewarded. Had met really great people, that’s something I’m truly grateful for.
Have you always felt a connection between social networking and creativity?
I thought I didn’t like socialising, then I learned I love to be surrounded by peers all the time. It’s good to not have ego, to be able to share and take recommendations and critiques in a nice way. I feel really sorry for those who cry after receiving some feedback or who isolate themselves just not have to deal with any comment over their work. In my case, most of my works have been created through my own experiences but activated after something I overheard, a conversation with a friend, a remark by a peer. It is then, when all the messy thoughts get in order and it’s like: tadá.
You're really good at taking photos. Do you have any favorite photographers?
No! Actually, even when I supposedly was a “photographer” was very bad with referencing photographers. I mean, I love Araki, but for different reasons. That’s just cos I’m a slut. There were many amazing photography books in Saint Martins but I couldn’t say any names. I recently met Richard Wentworth and, isn’t this photograph very ME? () I guess I like his work.
Do good selfies take practice?
Yes. I remember looking so good in photographs taken by me or by other people when I a young cam-whore (ages 16-17). Then (and I don’t know how this happened) I stopped and lost practice. It took me a while to get used to it again. It was my ex who forced me into it because at the point, I’d had no pictures of myself online anymore (and he was photo-boothing all day). He convinced me to do it and exploit my image, which is something I took in a complete different way from what he suggested. I’m not interested in looking good in pictures anymore and sometimes I have to keep up because, as I don’t care about feedback that much, I don’t get fuelled by likes and that makes me lazy. I’m very lazy sometimes.
Do you think you have a personal aesthetic? A signature style?
I definitely do, in my head; but sadly, reality goes much slower than my thoughts. I have so many things that I haven’t been able to do yet. But I think arte povera, swirls, poor girls, 1 pound stores, money, diaries, esparto and glitter is pretty me. Dressing in white and giving a bouquet of gypsophilas to my lovers is personal signature too.
What inspires you to make an artwork?
My life, to be honest. I wish I had more imagination but (as you well know) I always need to do things myself, which is dangerous because there are lot’s of occupational hazards and I put myself in the worst situations (sometimes a little bit too much). I love running at night and walking around the city too. The other day I was walking around Paris and thought, wouldn’t it be beautiful, when I’m ready to die, to pay for a sniper, go for a walk and get shot. I’d die very happy.
You've said your work deals with poverty, class divisions, and hierarchies. Theres other stuff too. Do you begin a piece with these themes, or or are they simply dominant in your mind?
Oh no, they are in my mind and then I have visions. And then, when I have the means, I materialize them. As you say, there’s other stuff too, but most of it can be reduced to power relations I think.
What are the benefits of your age? What are the challenges that come with it?
I was never young. I was never allowed to be young. Because my parents are a fucking mess I always had to be super responsible. Only once or twice in my life I let go because I felt that I was taken care of (shut out to Ilya Smirnov!). I don’t even know how old I am. I’ve been 65yrs old since I was in nursery school. Therefore I don’t know how to reply to this. I’m just happy I wasn’t born in 1988 so I can get a slice of the 89+ cake. Okay, that was fortunate.
Do you have faith in the art market as a way for an artist to support themselves? Is that your goal?
Pffffffffffff. It’s hard. I know it’s possible if you are constant, organized and institutional (which is pretty much the opposite to the nature of being an artist). I’ve seen older artists who had sold works for 20 grant in their thirties, to be living on potatoes in their fifties. And it is especially bad if you are a female artist. I’m very cautious. You know how much I want to study. I want to study so badly. I’d love to get into which could be an alternative to the arts… mainly because I cannot eat potatoes: I’m intolerant to starch.
You've written poetry- do you have any favorite poets?
Frank O’ Hara. And also, I don’t write poetry, I just have bad memory, I note things down in a funny way :3
What kind of books do you like to read?
Oh, books. One of the only things I like about London is how long the bus rides are. I don’t think there’s anywhere in the world where I read this much. Two books a week, one film per night. I read everything: leaflets, ads, novels, theory. I love reading about politics, economy and feminism but last fiction pleasure was Froth On The Daydream by Boris Vian.
I love Ethira. For me it's a therapeutic tool.
Well, that’s how I use it too. God, I wish I had the means to promote it more, like for real. Mainstream. Being able to see al those thoughts, by different people in different parts of the world. Wouldn’t it be beautiful? When something really bad and embarrassing happened to me recently, first thing I did was to write on Ethira. I instantly felt better.
I feel like you challenge a lot of rules ranging from online behavior to artworld etiquette. Have you had any challenges in terms of negative responses?
Wow, you cannot even imagine. I receive very intense responses, good and bad. I mostly don’t care about other people’s opinion because I’m aware that I cannot be liked by everyone, that’s fine for me. But it’s true that there’s something that makes me sad: not being liked by women. On the other had, I will only respond to negative responses when I’m old and done with my art production. There are so many things I’m doing, so many things I’m working on and keeping “secret” that what is public is really the tip of the iceberg –which means that most hateful comments would be based on a decontextualized topic. I’m always wishing to no die yet, so I have time to develop everything in time.